Brand Identity Proposal
Bridgeland Market

A brand refresh proposal to build on the unique appeal of a heritage property.

Other Calgarian grocers carry similar food to Bridgeland Market, but no other grocer has a historic property with a more engaging shopping experience.
The goal of this project is to draw elements of Bridgeland Market's unique property into its brand identity, to differentiate its in-house products. If those exclusive items become the most desirable products on shelves, it will create brand loyalty, helping generate repeat sales for Bridgeland Market.
The logo refresh is based on the roofline of Bridgeland Market.
Bridgeland Market has personality that harkens back to when grocers were people not chains. The shopping experience feels like discovering handpicked goods. The proposed logo references the heritage property to conjure that feeling when consumers are back at home.
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The pattern and label system reference memorable elements of the property.
The brand pattern is based on the tin tile ceiling inside Bridgeland Market. The rectangular label system is based on the property's iconic outdoor sign board that is a staple in the Bridgeland community.
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