Brand Identity Concept
RISD Museum

The RISD project that earned a 100% grade in brand identity design.

America's top-ranked design school houses one of the country's renowned art museums. While studying at RISD, my project was to propose a brand refresh for the museum.
RISD Museum's brand identity has atrophied to the extent that it isn't recognizable on the street signage, website, and other key applications. RISD itself is missing a modular brand that can unify its various wings. Students were tasked with reimagining the brand for modern constraints.
The proposed logo is based on the historic RISD seal.
The RISD seal is instantly recognizable for its decorative swashes and interpuncts. I extracted the lower swash and redrew the vector to correct its Bezier curves and clean up the terminals. This created a more versatile graphic element while maintaining RISD brand continuity.
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A logo designed to interact with art.
RISD Museum has over 100,000 pieces of art. The brand pulls the collection into the heart of its content. With the Weave element, the logo is immersed into the art and wraps around objects; with the Window element, the logo is a viewport for art that pops out of the frame.
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The Results

Additional results will be added as they become known.


Grade in RISD's Identity Design for Branding program
Project execution
I was the sole designer from September through January, then onboarded a junior designer for January and February who tested and iterated on details and developer documentation. During the execution of the design, I focused Provision's product roadmap on usability. This approach brought me closer to the engineers, with a biweekly design review cadence. Tied with user interviews in the winter and user testing in the spring, we used iterative feedback in an agile methodology to increase client usability ratings from an average 4/10 to 8/10.

While building the design, I led the product roadmap, developer feedback, and user interviews, and hired and trained the design team.  

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