UI/UX Design System
Provision Analytics
2020 - 2021

A 100-point gain in Net Promoter Score driven by a custom UI/UX design system.

Provision is a B2B software for food safety. Founded in 2018, it has since become Canada's fastest-growing platform for record keeping.
When this project began, 90% of the food industry still used paper and spreadsheet for food safety record keeping. Switching to a digital platform was perceived to be high-risk for regulatory compliance. Provision leveraged design to make its adopters feel like modern experts. It won trust among a market of late adopters.
The UI is a modular system for all existing and new features.
The atomic component library is founded on elements like colour and typography that combine with padding and margin rules into core components such as fields and headers. These all lock up into complex component layouts such as tables and modals. Each layout may transition through specific states or sequences in UX design patterns.
The finished design system was built into Figma and XD for the product team and documented on Notion.
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The heavy lift was UX information architecture and workflow patterns.
‍To accomplish usability, the design system: 
•. Reorganized all navigation using a two-tier system with page tabs;
•. Created consistent top and bottom toolbars for content and page actions;
•  Rewrote most text using language that tested well among users;
•  Implemented a consistent table-to-form page hierarchy for user flows;
And much more.
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The Results

The UI/UX design system is part of a winning formula at Provision and is not the sole driver of results.


Increase in client usability score


Increase in win rate year-over-year


Signed ARR growth within 7 months


Point gain in Net Promoter Score
Leo Cao
UI/UX Designer, Month 5+ 
Kohl Meister
Lead Front End Engineer, Full Project
Aaron McClinchey
Front End Engineer, Month 2+ 
Chris Elias
CTO, Full Project
Jordan Geransky
CS Stakeholder, Full Project
Anthony Mondia
Sales Stakeholder, Full Project
Sara Cook
Business Analysis, Month 5+ 
Michael Gibbons
VP Data, Full Project
Team Credits
Mark blackwell
General Partner, Builders VC
"Kevin has a natural ability to fully understand the needs of his customers and refine the overall communications, product strategy, and execution to design a superior service offering."
“Kevin Davies is an integral part as Provision seeks to expand its customer footprint. Having known Kevin for almost five years, I have full faith in his ability to execute. He is a natural leader who takes initiative and is ready to roll up his sleeves to get to the root of any customer challenge.”
Chief Growth Officer, Thin Air Labs
"Customers will experience more and more satisfaction the deeper Kevin gets involved.”
"Kevin comes from an entrepreneurial background that has shaped his style, mindset, and ambition. From a product development perspective, Kevin's collaboratively reshaped the way digital product solutions are built at Provision. He’s single handedly crafted, experimented and iterated on a new brand and user experience."

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