Brand Identity
Provision Analytics

A brand refresh that contributed to 3x revenue growth within 7 months.

Provision is a B2B software for food safety. Founded in 2018, it has since become Canada's fastest-growing platform for record keeping.
When this project began, 90% of the food industry still used paper and spreadsheet for food safety record keeping. Switching to a digital platform was perceived to be high-risk for regulatory compliance. Provision leveraged design to make its adopters feel like modern experts. It won trust among a market of late adopters.
The logo is based on graph theory diagrams.
Provision's secret sauce is a graph database. It powers faster mock recalls and more dynamic analytics than any alternative for its users. Visualized, the database traceability forms a geometric web.
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A crossover design system that unifies the brand and UI.
Tech has a problem. When different teams design the brand and the UI, there is often a jarring and inconsistent user experience from the promotion to the product. It's common to find cheery illustration brands followed by austere products.
Provision's brand was designed hand-in-hand with its UI. By sharing common design system components, the product feels familiar to prospects, reducing sales friction from messaging into trial and adoption.
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The Results

The brand is part of a winning formula and is not the sole driver of results.


Signed ARR growth within 7 months


Growth in web traffic July 2021 vs. 2020


Point gain in Net Promoter Score


Increase in win rate year-over-year